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Join the PartyPoker affiliate program !

Join the PartyPoker affiliate program !

Affiliate program details:
Work for the World's largest poker room
The biggest poker affiliate network
Real time Statistics
Multi-tiered: make money from Sub-Affiliates!


Select from one of two payment plans: Get paid $65 - $75 per sign up guaranteed or earn 20-25% of the gross revenue generated during the active lifetime of your player's Account while you are an affiliate with us. Not sure if your players will be big players? Choose the per sign up plan. Confident your players will be high rollers? Choose the revenue plan…the bigger your players, the bigger your checks! How big? See the potential. You can choose different payment plans for different trackers to maximize your profits!


Percentage Plan "MGR"

If the gross monthly gross revenue of your players is less than $10,000 you receive 20% of the gross.  If the MGR exceeds $10,000 you receive 25% of the gross.

Per sign up plan  "CPA"

If you send 10 or less players per month you receive $65 for each player.  If the number of players you send each month exceeds 10 you  will receive $75 for each player.

GOTBONUS.COM recommends and uses the percentage, or "MGR" for long term profitability.

Payments are guaranteed and processed by iGlobalMedia, a leader in online gaming marketing with a track record of having paid affiliates more than $19 million since 1997.
Sign up Sub-Affiliates and get 20% of all payments made to them! Once you sign up as an Affiliate, you will be able to register Sub-Affiliates underneath you.
Our tracking system is state of the art and we provide you two types of trackers: sign up bonus codes (for offline promotions such as fliers and cards) and tracking URLs (for online promotions). When a poker player opens an Account using a sign up bonus code or a tracking URL assigned to you, we know the player was referred by you and we permanently mark his/her Account in our database. Track all your statistics real time!
Use our banners, text links, CDs and fliers to maximize your promotions. We have lots of promotional materials that you may freely use in your promotions. In addition, we can custom develop, at cost, any special requests that you may have for custom CDs, t-shirts, key-chains, etc. with your unique trackers embedded in them.

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